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Wider Curriculum

The Horsell Village School - Developing Outdoor Learning 

Name: Elaine Cooper - Headteacher

Age range: 4-7

Quadrant: NW

Area identified as good practice/ project undertaken: Outside Learning

Making the learning concrete and practical throughout Early years and Key Stage 1

Raising levels physical activity

Making the most use of space and resources

Impact on outcomes for children in your school:

Smooth transition between year 1 and 2

Children have opportunities to work practically and have a secure understanding of their learning

It matches how young children learn – they don’t remain static for long periods of time

Able to create challenges to extend children

Able to prove support to scaffold learning for some children 

Support offered in other schools with regard to this project (if relevant):

Visits to the school are welcome to see us in action

Please contact Elaine Cooper on