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Barnsbury Primary and Nursery School 

Name: Clare Spires - Headteacher

Age range: 3-11

Quadrant: NW

Area identified as good practice/ project undertaken:

Barnsbury is a Numicon Advocate school

Impact on outcomes for children in your school:

Improved outcomes in mathematics across the school

Support offered in other schools with regard to this project (if relevant):

Visit Barnsbury to see Numicon in action across the school and see first hand the difference this apporach is having in maths. Hear from the Barnsbury Leaders about the philosophy behins Numicon and the journey undertaken by the school.

How can this practice now be shared more widely? What can you offer to colleagues?

Come along to an open day - Please note our next open day is planned for Wednesday 20th June 2018

Please contact: Clare Spires (Headteacher)