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Epsom Primary and Nursery School - Developing Inclusive Practice 

Name: Emma Smith - Executive Head

Age range: 2 - 11 years

Quadrant: North East

Area identified as good practice/ project undertaken:

At Epsom Primary and Nursery School, we are richly diverse and fully inclusive.  Our inclusive practice has been developed over time, and as a model of good practice, with four Specialist Leaders of Education, we are now in a position to offer support to other schools drawing on our knowledge, skills, experiences and strengths in;

·         Meeting the needs of all learners,

·         Achieving outstanding behaviour, personal development and welfare,

·         Driving teaching and learning to maximise outcomes,

·         Enriching the curriculum to meet the needs of your children, getting your parents on board, maximising the deployment of your support staff, ensuring your Pupil Premium funding demonstrates value for money and creating high quality extended provision for your families.

Impact on outcomes for children in your school:

·         GLD continues to be in line with National despite a range of starting points for the cohort (originally 18%).

·         Phonics data has improved from 57% and continues to be broadly in line with National and retakes in Year 2 again are above National

·         The percentage of pupils working at Greater depth at KS1 is showing an upward trend in all subjects.

·         At KS2, the percentage of pupils working at greater depth continues to show an upward trend with all externally validated subjects being higher than National.

·         The combined percentages (RWM at KS2) have almost doubled from 2015/16 and are now broadly in line with National.

·         Progress from prior attainment has improved significantly particularly in Reading where it is above National

·         Disadvantaged pupils in KS2 made greater progress from their prior attainment than the cohort as a whole.

·         The average scaled score for both Reading and Maths is higher than National

·         As a highly inclusive school, we have a significant proportion of SEND children (25% of pupil roll and 17 pupils with an EHCP). These pupils have made accelerated progress in their learning as a result of targeted support in order to ensure that learning outcomes are maximised.

How can this practice now be shared more widely? What can you offer to colleagues?

Our learning environment ensures the effective inclusion of all pupils in high quality, everyday personalised learning.  We have a personalised curriculum to meet the needs of every learner with intervention instrumental in rapidly improving pupil outcomes.

Our whole class learning and teaching ensures the effective inclusion of all pupils in high quality, everyday personalised learning.  In addition we run a comprehensive programme of targeted and specialist intervention support.   We have excellent relationships and work in partnership with a wide range of external support services.  In 2016-17, 145 children were seen by external agency services.


We have created specialist teams, including the creation of an Inclusion Team, incorporating a Learning Mentor and three ELSAs to support our children and their families with emotional wellbeing and mental health problems, as well as teams for sensory support, speech and language and occupational therapy.


The EAL team work hard to cement our inclusivity and sense of belonging.  In addition to running an induction programme, English lessons for parents and EAL intervention, we have the ability to carry out First Language Assessments. 


There has been a huge investment in our current staffing team at every level across the last three years through high quality CPD and consequently we have a highly talented team with a diverse skill set and greater confidence. We can offer schools coaching support based on any of the areas above, tailored to ensure that the support is bespoke to the individual school and personalised to their context and current needs.


Can also offer colleagues:-

In addition to coaching support for individuals or teams within the school, we are able to deliver the following Inclusive Practice INSET:

·         Precision Teaching

·         Meeting the Needs of all Learners

·         Meeting the Needs of a Range of Learners through Enabling Learning Environments in EYFS

·         Deployment of Support Staff and Resources

·         Inclusive Practice

·         Setting up Wave 2 and Wave 3 Interventions

·         Developing Effective Early Intervention

·         Individual Support Planning

·         Positive Behaviour Management

·         Parental Engagement

·         Coaching of teams and individuals at all levels


Please contact Executive Headteacher – Emma Smith

Westfield Primary - Preparing Effective EHCP's

Name: Joanne Clark (Inclusion Leader) 

Age range: 4 - 11

Quadrant: NW

Area identified as good practice/ project undertaken:

EHCP paperwork

Impact on outcomes for children in your school:

More SEN support which impacts on progress

How can this practice now be shared more widely? What can you offer to colleagues?

Opportunity to visit school and look at paperwork

Please contact Joanna Clark on 01483 764187