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Building and Premises

Reigate Parish Church Primary - Managing School Expansion 

Name: Frances Davis - Headteacher

Age range: We are an expanding two-form primary school, so will be 4-11 year olds from September 2019, but currently, this academic year (2017 – 2018) we are up to year 4.

Quadrant: SE

Area identified as good practice/ project undertaken:

·         change management

·         managing a significant build project on site

·         Marketing and promoting the school

·         negotiating, influencing, emotional intelligence

Impact on outcomes for children in your school:

Throughout the life time of this project from the initial conversations to expand my school from an infant to a primary school through to having the new building I have kept a firm eye on the school standards (we have at least maintained our data in attainment and progress) so all the children in my school have not been negatively affected by the expansion and the build programme.

Support offered in other schools with regard to this project (if relevant):

·         change management, working with staff

·         managing a significant build project on site, working with LA and building                     contractors

·         Marketing and promoting the school, to local families

·         negotiating, influencing, emotional intelligence, working with people not in                   education.

How can this practice now be shared more widely? What can you offer to colleagues?

With more schools in Surrey expanding / being built, headteachers may want to talk to a colleague who has been through the process.

Please contact: Frances Davis (Headteacher)